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Ideal in Thailand

Living in Thailand in a motorhome, or two or three, is not the cheapest lifestyle solution. But it is the best life hack ever.

Love relationships in Thailand are of comparably short durations. They go on for a few years, or much shorter, and then there is somebody else. Thailand has the most lenient divorce law in the world, but there is no stigma on unregistered marriages.

Apart from this, what defines love relationships of foreign men with Thai women is the fact that foreigners cannot own property. So, a large number of foreigners have bought land in the name of Thai wives or girlfriends, only to find themselves evicted after a few years.

Or, if they keep some money flowing in, they may be tolerated in the house they built for their Thai wife, while the wife openly has another man staying with her, usually a Thai of considerably younger age.

The only way a foreign man can stay in charge of conjugal dwelling is mobilehousing on rented land, and the more mobile, the better.

Wigwam motorhome

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We at Wigwam Motorhome started out building units of about 3.50 by 2.50 meters that could be transported on large pickup trucks and assembled into houses of any size.

But there are shortcomings to that system, which is why we discontinued it.

The main shortcoming is the effort of moving the units onto trucks again when the time comes to move out. A person familiar and experienced could do it by himself. But it isn’t really a task for an older man. And Thais not experienced with it will demand to be in a group of about four.

Moving then gets too costly.

Therefore, our new concept is that every unit should have wheels and an engine, or at least wheels.

It’s not the cheapest solution to start with, but whenever the time comes to move, just put yourself behind the wheel and drive away.

And this option, always at your hands and your pedals, gives your full power in any love relationship in Thailand.

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