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Motorhomes in Thailand for lease and sale

Wigwam Motorhome produces hardwood-based motorhomes in Thailand for lease and sale.

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Wigwam Kia 2500 Motorhome

Kia 2500,fortified chassis, stainless steel frame, body apart from driver cabin entirely built of Laotian tropical redwood. Sale price 2.4 million baht, monthly depreciation first month 100,000 Baht, months two to four 80,000 Baht per month, thereafter 60,000 per month.

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Wigwam motorhome

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Ideal in Thailand

Living in Thailand in a motorhome, or two or three, is not the cheapest lifestyle solution. But it is the best life hack ever.

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Climate and location

The weather is usually hot, in Thailand and anywhere in Southeast Asia.

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Movable housing

Stationary housing is problematic for many reasons, and this applies not only to Southeast Asia where Wigwam homes are built.

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